chinchillas, tanning, kardashians, nicki minaj, big sweatshirts, boats, cuddling, Friday nights, fireplaces, long walks on the beach, billabong, yoga pants , movies, 4th of july, family, trampolines, friends, travelling, cupcakes, boys, bracelets, pictures, moments, watermelon, hearts , holding hands, being happy, vaseline, laughing, bows, swag, hair, short shorts, makeup, hugs & kisses, smiles, stripes, even numbers, stars, water, rings, music, sunglasses, tan-lines, hearts, life, summer, sleeping in, being cozy, piggy-back rides, teenagers, glitter, over-thinking, beach hair, painted nails, bellybutton rings, tie dye, bikinis, eyeshadow, curls, long texts <3

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